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Divisible silver medallion round.

See actual close up photos here.

One Troy ounce of .999 fine Silver commemorating the 2009 and 2010 New American Tea Party nationwide tax protest movement.

You will only find these medallions on our website. With copyright now issued on this design they are being custom minted by a private mint exclusively for us. These unique and copyrighted medallion rounds are by special order in quantities of 100 ounces and have a lead time of about 4 to 6 weeks. Place your orders right now. Call our toll free line at 800 889 2839 for current pricing and lead times.

To see all our other designs go here: http://www.teapartysilver.com/silverforsale.html

We are one of the few dealers that will accept the major credit or debit cards for purchases of up to 100 rounds per transaction on precious metals. For purchases over 100 rounds you MUST call us at 800 889 2839 to arrange payment and get your volume discount.

These rounds are NOT legal tender and have NO FACE VALUE, but are a collectible medallion and worth the current market price of silver bullion at least. They may also have some collector value down the road but that is pure conjecture and we make no guarantees beyond the actual silver content of each round at one Troy ounce of .999 fine silver.
Why would you want to invest in silver?

If you have any wealth that is enumerated in paper you need to take notice. There are many investment advisors right now telling the truth about the financial meltdown, and that with the wild runaway spending in Washington District of Criminals, the paper currency HAS to go to it's true value, which is zero. It's just a matter of time. Throughout history, during a currency collapse, gold and silver have always maintained their value, and reset their value after the collapse.

Call us for pricing, delivery times, and to order with your credit card or by cashiers check. 800 889 2839

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Call us for pricing, delivery times, and to order with your credit card or by cashiers check. 800 889 2839

This medallion commemorates the New American Tea Party tax protest of April 15th 2009 and the March on Washington September 12th 2009, possibly the largest March on Washington in history.

Most true American patriots understand full well that they should have some precious metals to back up their financial position.

Wouldn't you like to surround yourself with people, nation wide, who realize that two of our biggest problems in the USA are the fraudulant money system and taxation without representation? Yes I am saying that the federal reserve system and the IRS code are the largest frauds ever perpetrated on "We The People" of America. The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor does it have any reserves, and the 16th Amendment has never have been properly ratified.
Only Congress has the ability and duty to "coin money and regulate the value thereof".
The 10th Amendment says "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." In other words, if it's not written in the Constitution, the US government doesn't have the power, but only the States and the People do. Where in the US Constitution does it say that Congress has the power to delegate away it's authority to coin money and regulate the value thereof? It doesn't. That means simply that Congress had NO POWER to delegate away their authority to any "federal reserve" or any central bank. It's been a fraud from the beginning, and it's still being done by fraud.
Using Lawful Money is an idea whose time has come.

See Robert Kiyosaki on Silver VS Paper Money. Ron Paul on the economy and silver.
Call us for pricing, delivery times, and to order with your credit card or by cashiers check. 800 889 2839

Join the growing rebelion against Taxation Without Representation.

In 1971 Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon destroyed the value of paper currency in the USA by taking us off the gold standard, so that the paper currency is not backed by anything of real value. Paper FRNís are not worth the paper they are printed on. They can not be redeemed for gold and silver payable to the bearer on demand. In other words paper currency is a CON-fidence currency. It relies on the confidence of the people using it, and the world is rapidly losing their confidence in the US FRN. The bankster con game is almost over. Every time in history that the real value has been stripped from currency, that currency has gone into hyper-inflation in a matter of a few months to a few years. That is starting to happen right now with the FRN funny money. The FRN is losing value compared to Silver and Gold, and also compared to virtually every other fiat currency in the world. In the seventies after Nixon's move, the value of silver gradually rose to 50 FRNs per ounce, and gold went to an all time high of almost 850 FRNs. Right now today gold is over 1000 FRNís but silver will be making far better gains than gold because it is an INDUSTRIAL precious metal and is being used up rapidly in the production of every electronic device being built. Silver could be hundreds of FRNs per ounce in a few months, and Silver always out performs gold in a currency crisis.
Do you understand how currency comes into circulation in the US?
The federal reserve goes to the US mint and buys the paper at the cost of printing or roughly 3 or 4 cents per paper bill REGARDLESS OF FACE VALUE. Then they "LOAN" that "currency" into circulation to the member banks AT FACE VALUE and AT INTEREST. How would YOU like to have a racket like that? Don't wait until the price is so high you can't afford to get some silver. Get some silver and protect your wealth. Call me at 800 889 2839 to order your silver medallion rounds commemorating the New American Tea Party or any of our other designs and protect your future.
Why Silver will Double
Call us for pricing, delivery times, and to order with your credit card or by cashiers check. 800 889 2839

Refuse to deal with anything but precious metal with Real Intrinsic Value.

Why Silver instead of gold and Why Right Now?
In 1986 when the Silver Eagle design was finalized and the West Point mint began stamping the Silver Eagle, there was roughly 2 Billion and 200 Million ounces of Silver available in the world for collectors and minting. Right now there is only about 200 million ounces available, because every time someone makes a computer, cellphone, Ipod, lightbulb, relay or any other electronic device it uses up some silver, and they are not finding much more of it.
The West Point mint stopped stamping Silver Eagles in April of 2008 for about a month because they ran out of Silver planchets to stamp. Only 13 dealers buy from that mint, and they are all now on a quota of about 25% of what they would be buying because there just isn't enough silver to supply the demand.
Silver Eagles will always carry a premium over other rounds because they are legal tender. We are offering you a way to save a couple dollars an ounce on silver and spread the word about the New American Tea Party, while at the same time protecting your wealth.

After "Tricky Dick" took us off the Gold Standard in 1971, in the next 9 years Gold gained 24 times it's value and stopped in 1980 at $850 per ounce. In the exact same period of time Silver gained 39 times it's value and Silver wasn't rare then!
That means that if you were worth $1 Million in 1971, and you realized what Nixon had done and decided to protect yourself by buying 10% of your wealth or $100,000 in Gold, then even if you lost the other 90% or $900,000 and in 1980 all you had left was the Gold you had bought, you were now worth $2.4 MILLION. If you had bought Silver instead of Gold, you were now worth $3.9 Million. Gold has again made big gains, and Silver, like always, will lag behind gold and then outperform gold in terms of percentage of gain. Check the history of precious metals, and try to prove me wrong.
And here is the big clincher: "No State shall... coin Money; emit Bills. of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;..." Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution for the United States.

Call us for pricing, delivery times, and to order with your credit card or by cashiers check. 800 889 2839

Support the New American Tea Party and refuse to use paper as a form of investment. Get out of anything enumerated in Federal Reserve Notes and use real precious metal with real intrinsic value! Order Now.

Attend the Tea Party of your choice, but then do something real with the momentum.
Many times in the history of the freedom movement, the media and liberal think tanks have provided a convenient and popular place for people who love liberty to run to, only to be contained and controlled and drained of their finances on dead end projects that go nowhere. We are seeing that happen again in the Tea Party movement. I refer to the April 15th nationally televised Tea Parties on Fox network. They will tell you to write your congressman or Obama. Yea right. Like that will do any good. It's like asking the fox for permission to remove the chickens from the henhouse after you put him in charge of security for the chickens. The anger on April 15th is well founded and real, but begging criminals in government to stop plundering the people under the color of law is not going to work.

We need to put some teeth in the Tea Parties. That is easier than you might think. Read the following article by Devvy Kidd.

Lots of Tea Parties - and then?

Then you need to go to the following website and join the real tax protest at www.annavonreitz.com and channel your effort and support into some issues that will really make a difference and get something accomplished. Issues like the fact that domestic Americans are NOT subject to the federal income tax. Like the fact that the Federal Reserve is a fraudulent money system, which Dr. Vieira explains here www.newswithviews.com/Vieira/edwin73.htm
Then protect your personal finances by getting a stash of Silver and stocking up on the essentials you will need to get through the very tough times coming at us like a freight train. Do it now. We can help.

Call us for pricing, delivery times, and to order with your credit card or by cashiers check. 800 889 2839

See all our Silver offerings here: www.teapartysilver.com/silverforsale

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